Change Begins With YOU!

We can only hope that this generation can break the cycles of old patterns and structures. The old stratum of ancient norms and traditions. A culture that inhibits a people and stagnates a society.

We can only hope that our generation of women can see that they deserve better in their relationships and other social strata. Continue reading “Change Begins With YOU!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Names!

This week’s photo challenge tells us to share a photo that includes a name. “When you stop and look around, you realize that we’re surrounded by names: street signs, name tags, vanity license plates, boat names, brand names, the spines of the books on your shelf… there are possibilities everywhere.”  Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Names!”

The Daily Prompt – Year!

There are 365 days in a year and 366 days in a leap year. What’s packed in a year? So many things pleasant and unpleasant. A year is such a long time and there are so many activities and events loaded and tucked inside a year. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Year!”

Welcome to December!

I am here with the musings about the month of December. Why am I picking on this month? The answer is simple. December is the last and busiest month of the year. Talk about December and the Christmas bug appears.  Talk about Christmas and all the razzmatazz of this special day comes to mind. Continue reading “Welcome to December!”

The Month Of November!

The month of November ushers us into the inevitable change in weather when it’s going to get colder, darker, rainy and wet, and probably with flurries of snow. Then boom, comes winter in its full glare! The month of November is significant and it holds different meanings for different people.  For some, it is a birth month and for the Americans, it’s a month of Thanksgiving. In the Christian religious calendar, different commemorations and celebrations are held in November.  Continue reading “The Month Of November!”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine!

Has something bright or reflective caught your eye in the moment? Has the sunshine or any other light source caused you to stop because it’s highlighting something you didn’t notice before?

This week,  Nanci Thanki ask us to share a photo of something we were able to explore a bit. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine!”