Devotional Nuggets – #14

Dear beloved!

I am writing you this today to tell you that life is full of challenges. And that there are strong forces fighting us as humans but most especially as even Christians. Oh yes, we don’t see those strong forces but they hover round. I call them monitoring spirits. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #14”

Forbidden – The Daily Prompt!

We have all Lied!


I was asked, how are you?

I said, ‘fine’, thank you

But I knew I wasn’t fine

I knew it was not the appropriate response

‘Not fine’, would have been the right answer

I knew it, yet I said the wrong thing.

So I lied. Continue reading “Forbidden – The Daily Prompt!”

Devotional Nuggets – #13

Wear an Armour over you:

No matter how strong we think we are, there will be a time when stress gets overwhelming and we desperately wish we had somewhere to hide. We wish we have somewhere to take refuge from the storms and waves of life. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #13”

Today’s Nuggets – Tuesday Trickles!

A Tuesday feature in response to  Jackie’s Tuesday Trickles. Each Tuesday, share your very short snippets of positive, inspiring, motivating, health, spiritual, writing advice, clips, posts etc, that can serve as a prop to motivate others and simply add Jackie’s link to your post. Continue reading “Today’s Nuggets – Tuesday Trickles!”