The Daily Prompt – Distant 2

It was on a hot summer evening

A hammock swung from two firm pines

At the countryside in the old town

Cows grazed blithely

The ball of fire in the sky blazed a golden hue

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The Daily Prompt – Radiate 2

Everyone has caught the bug of sunshine

Everywhere radiates with bright flashy colours

Everyone emits a contagious beam of sparkling specks

A radiant spirit has come to dwell among us

There is a twinkle in the air Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Radiate 2”

Dinner is Served!

Just like yesterday’s dinner, Pepper soup is still the dish for today but this time with Fish instead of Beef.

Pepper-Soup is one of the easiest recipes.  Today, I’ve used two kinds of fish. The first soup is with Catfish while the second soup is with Tilapia fish with tiger shrimps. They both taste very delish

*Cat Fish Pepper-soup*

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel.

One of my hobbies is travelling. I enjoy travelling. I love to see new places. Vacation time is for relaxation. A time to explore. A time to wander about and have good fun. A time to discover hidden truths, a new culture and a new lifestyle. A time my uncanny curiosity is activated as I try to demystify any myth or stereotypical view I have of any race or people.

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The Daily Prompt – Pursue!

At the beginning, my labour was a colossal flop

But my fortitude embraced me so tightly

My metier, my art I must exert wisely

This ruse, this bait I despise furiously

How can the opposers wittingly triumph?

This subterfuge, this stratagem

I must dismiss as I pursue vigorously

To win this war of morals

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