Devotional Nuggets – #49

Waking up happy is a gift and blessing that I never take for granted. I know it is by God’s grace and I pray and thank Him all the time. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #49”

Devotional Nuggets – #48

Today, I will be brief and hope this post inspires someone out there not to give up on their dreams.

If you have been focused and trying hard without any signs of success, you may consider taking another approach or apply another technique and watch the difference. There are many paths that lead to the market so don’t use only one formula. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #48”

Devotional Nuggets – #43

Hallelujah, it’s mid-week and the thought of the weekend, which is fast approaching is heart-warming. Yes! I am warming up to have a great weekend because my ‘godson’ turns ONE on Saturday… so it’s going to be a busy weekend laced with fun. I happen to be the one organizing the party too so my hands are really full this week. Lol. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #43”

Devotional Nuggets – #42

When God seals His stamp of approval over your blessing, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it or who likes it. Be encouraged with these words today!!! Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #42”

Devotional Nuggets – #41

Welcome to another happy day. Another glorious day to see a new dawn. Another day to go out there and possess your possessions.

Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are on the globe. It’s a sunny Monday here and I am feeling somehow excited and happy without any reasons. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #41”

Devotional Nuggets – #40

There are so many churches today with so many preachers who preach the word or so it seems. Christianity is on a new level now unlike what it used to be. You need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit to discern what is good from bad in modern day churches. You need to read the Bible yourself to decipher the truth in any Christian gathering. Continue reading “Devotional Nuggets – #40”