Do It For You!


It was a cold winter night when darkness has overshadowed light. Serenity was at its peak and the whole house enjoyed a soothing peacefulness.

There was no ambient audible sound and the obvious silence was loud in the room that even the drop of a pin can pierce through the silence.

A cup of tea lay by her bed-side while little Adaeze looked up at her mom. Continue reading “Do It For You!”

The Daily Prompt – Imaginary!

It started that evening after she agreed to attend a live performance at the theatre located in the centre of the city where she lived. She has always admired him. He was a prolific actor and strikingly dead gorgeous. He had the kind of looks that made heads turn as they encounter him. He made people stop in their tracks. He was a head stunner and the women loved him. Everyone was drawn to his cuteness and to cap it all, he had a beautiful soul. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Imaginary!”

The Daily Prompt – Lifestyle!

Every day, the Okafors’ gather together at the small space in their parlour. This is a daily routine in their home. They never fail to observe this ritual every morning. As soon as Mama Chidi wakes up in the morning, all thanks to the wake-up alert from the Alarm Clock, which interrupts her deep sleep, she rushes to the bathroom to ease her heavy bladder. She does this every morning before proceeding to wake up her four children. Continue reading “The Daily Prompt – Lifestyle!”



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It’s Friday and among the things I have outlined to do this weekend is to spend some quality time, reading.


What you may ask?

Besides the many Blogs am following which I will take a peek at this weekend, I also have two Books that stare me in the face each time I enter my room. A gaze that seem to be begging me, to at least, open them and flip through. But my stubborn lazy self  (on lazy days), wouldn’t oblige them for a long time.

So, during a de-clutter exercise this New Year, I set these books aside at my priority corner and in the list of things to do urgently. Today is D-day and I am ready to tackle this weekend with a totally different attitude; and continue for the next 30 days.

Hmmn, that sounds nice…

I have resolved to spend my weekend doing the things I am passionate about which I derive pleasure from, and not necessarily things that seem important. You get me right, important and passionate are relative words here.

I am incredibly consistent in some things that seem important which I am really not passionate about. So, am hoping that the 30 days exercise will get me into a routine. And my fervent prayer now, is to deal with my attitude and ensure I keep to my plans.

Therefore, I hope I don’t run out of the will-power and self-discipline to complete this challenge.

Perhaps, I will finally, finish reading two books that occupy space in my mind as well as in my room. Haha!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s, “Americanah”.


Taiye Selasi’s, “Ghana Must Go”.

Wow! I guess a few chapters a day from these two amazing Authors, who are great story tellers will do the magic quickly.

Hey, it’s another Friday and am happy to be in your face, again. Maybe this is something for you, too.

Engage in things that you are more passionate about, more important things that you truly derive pleasure in.

Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling!

Peace and Love. 🙂