What’s life without love?

Talking about love is talking about life. 

What is life without love? 

What is life without the special people in our lives?

No matter how much we deny it, love is very important. It is only when love hurts that we look back and declare that it is pain and prattle and ramble about it.

There are times we have feelings building up in us about other people. If you feel something for someone, let that person know what you feel.

In life, we need other people to compliment us.  A child needs the parents to grow. A child craves for the love of father and mother and feels complete when they are available for him or her.  Likewise, parents feel complete when they are blessed with children.  They feel loved to have kids who call them Mummy and Daddy.  A home with children is filled with love and laughter. I am dwelling on the positives here.

In like manner, during adolescent years, humans crave to be with their peers.  They love to hang out with friends and do things together. This is a time when one begins to be conscious of one’s look and appearance. It’s a natural instinct to desire the presence of others.  During this period too, there is the possibility to desire sexual partners as young adults.

In essence, in every stage of our lives, we want to belong to appropriate groups or communities.  They say birds of the same feather flock together.  Therefore, in old age, we clamour to belong to those in the same age bracket.  We mingle with those in the retirement communities so we can reflect on lives together. This is a time to play chess and laugh off follies of youthfulness. A time to look at the past and regret or look at the past and smile satisfactorily over achievements. A period of soberness, of disengagement from active service. A period to enjoy the fruits of one’s hardwork and labour.

All I am saying here is that we need others.  We need others to love and we need to be loved by them. Human Beings love to be appreciated, right? There is no doubt that without love, we too, like the infant left alone would cease to grow, cease to develop and even choose death.  It can get as bad as that when one feels unloved.

We all need some love in our lives.

Love is like open arms. If you close your arms about love, you will find out that you are left holding only yourself.  Love is an act of faith. If you love truly, then you have no choice but to believe, trust, accept and hope that your love will be returned. But take note that there is no assurance or any guarantee in love.

There is no perfect love. You build on love. You grow as you advance in it. It’s entirely your choice how you handle such huge committment. You alone will determine the amount of energy to infuse into your love life.

As a matter of fact, if you want to wait to love only until you are certain of receiving equal love in return, then you will have to wait forever.  Put in your best in your relationships and never allow the spark of love to be extinguished.

You are the final judge to ascertain what is right for you. But it is absolutely necessary to give love a chance. 

I have written this Blog post as an entry for the Write Anything Wednesday, Daily Post Community Event, organized by Writerishramblings.

Peace and Love!

11 thoughts on “What’s life without love?

  1. Interesting piece. I can totally relate to the part about how if you feel something for someone, you should let them know. Take a leap of faith, put yourself out there. Because you never know….maybe that person feels the same. In keeping quiet, you could be depriving two people of a shot to write an absolutely beautiful love story. (it can backfire but the risk is worth it). Even if its family love, let those people know that you love them. So much lies in telling people that you love them because nothing beats being told that you are loved, appreciated and valued. It puts a spring in your step, a smile on your face and an eternal warmth in your heart. That’s love. We all need it. So let’s not just get, but let’s give too…

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