Shape up or Ship Out – Daily Prompt!

Daily Prompt Shape Up or Ship Out.  Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.  Thanks for the great idea, Iam Who Iam. 

Dear Me,

It is high time you realized some good facts about these friends you have so embraced in the last couple of days. Days? Are you kidding me? Better be honest with yourself… Okay, for some time now. Oh Dear me, have you been watching me?

I want to remind you again that you should be disciplined and responsible in dealing with issues at this stage of your life. Why do you waste so much time in tackling very urgent matters? You are not known to procrastinate excessively. The reason you began to lose grip of yourself with your pragmatic posture is because of too many distractions. Oh Yes! Which part of the grammar is confusing?  Is it the distractions or the delay in handling personal commitments. Tell me which one?

My Dear Me, For the umpteenth time, take note that these so-called new friends will waste your time and at the end, you are the looser.  Can’t you see that the bond and the relationship is becoming too close and detrimental to your general wellbeing?  Cut off this bonding and come back to your sanity. Please!

I know you to be organized, proactive and very prompt in attending to your duties until the innovators of digital tech bombarded the world with numerous digital tools that has stolen the hearts of many. At the beginning you were acting like a real grown-up, behaving like you were not attracted to them. But pronto! They became your best friends.

Are you getting any remuneration from Mark Zuckerberg? Does he compensate you in any way? Why are you the highest consumer of his innovative prowess? Why? Don’t you know that you are wasting precious time by indulging heavily on Facebook and WhatsApp?

I don’t even want to talk about your passion for writing which has taken you away from watching your favourite programmes on TV.

Hmmn, Simple Dimple or what is that your other title, Giggles and Tale, come here! Tell me quietly, Does WordPress or anyone pay you for all these time you spend writing? What? So you don’t get paid, yet you spend all the time in this world mingling with them. Even when you are at work, your lunch break has become a time to scribble and jot down rants from your head.

I am begging you. Henceforth, take it easy okay. I know you like your passion, but slow down and be your amiable, spontaneous self again.  Wear your pragmatic robe like you used to and ensure you act swiftly as I have always known you. You are a goal getter and one who is so focused.  Don’t allow these new digital gadgets to deprive you of taking the necessary actions at the right time.

Always remember this:

Excessive indulgence on these Social Networking sites can affect the pace at which real goals are reached. The effect of these social tools of communication can spell doom when discipline is not applied in their usage. Time is money. Precious time is consumed indulging in frivolous chats and thereby not attending to crucial matters that would enhance one’s life. I dare say that many people are obsessed with these digital tools that they fail to meet with deadlines and achieve set goals.

Talk of the new syndrome called Social Medias and you talk of the many ways to spend a great deal of time on ‘frivolities’. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram etcetera are great inventions that are detrimental to a productive life if one spends too much time on them doing trivial things.

Wisdom must be applied if any meaningful progress must be made. They are too attractive to be ignored, too inviting not to touch, too appetizing not to eat, too hilarious and amusing not to be infected, too magnetic that it’s difficult not to stay glued, too hypnotizing not to get bugged. It is very charming and alluring and like bees, it stings those who get stucked by their deceptive fallacy. You either shape up or ship out!

My Dear Girl that is all I have to tell you. I know you are wise and will adhere to my words of advice. All the best as you apply caution to action.


Yours Very Lovely,

Simple Dimple + Giggles and Tales.

10 thoughts on “Shape up or Ship Out – Daily Prompt!

  1. Loved it 🙂 besides what you have mentioned(which is absolutely true) about spending too much time on social networking site I feel the more we spend time looking at other’s profile, we get jealous of the fun they are having, or their perfect life or bodies and then we start comparing ourselves to others, we feel intimidated by them, or start feeling low about ourselves. We end up being miserable. This happens with me all the time.
    Though I am not a goal getter like you , but I will definitely try to remind me of your post everyday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… You can say that again! I’d call this positive feedback an addendum to the post. Your comment is much appreciated. And hey, we can all become goal getters when we put a little more effort in our actions. Thanks so much for throwing more light on this subject. Have a lovely day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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