And The Time Changed…!

Right there from my inner chambers, my quiet and fragrant wonderland, I saw it move back. From that strangely rumpled space where I recoil to recover all the defeats of the day, it shifted backwards. I watched it all from that dim and sensual place where I open up my scars and remove my masked face. Hmmn, true that. From that small but luxurious homey place where I pour out my heartaches and feel comfortable in my own skin… that little-sacred familiar spot in my world where I retire to at eventide.  And welcome my Zzzzz moments until dawn, it so happened that change took place. 

So, resting my head on my pillow, gazing at my Samsung Galaxy S plus phone with my PC wide awake and staring at me,  I watch how time moved backwards from 3am to 2am. Oh wow! Sssshh! What’s the fuss about, you’d say, right?

Well, I know, quirky me, but oh, it’s been a fascinating moment from the first time I experienced the change of time. I’ve always kept a date with that odd occurrence. And the time changed so I gained another hour. More time to continue pushing harder to make my dreams come true. What I thought I lost, I’ve so regained because the TIME decided to move back. And I’d enjoy more sleep again.

When change comes, it comes with a new culture, a new attitude and a new sphere.  Time changes and this so portrays humanity and existence. Sometimes, we spring forward and other times, we step back to re-strategise and refocus again. We learn, unlearn or relearn.

Sometimes we want to recall a moment in life when we ought to have used our time well. When we ought to have done that significant thing, when we should have taken a decisive decision and exert assertiveness in tackling certain situations. But no, we didn’t do any of such. We weren’t proactive but reactive.

And for that one mistake, one indecisive moment, that act of procrastination, we ruined our chances. We ruined our world.  We became disoriented. Well, maybe not forever, but we cease to grow for another period of time. Therefore, we suffer the consequences of our actions. And we become sober, filled with regrets. No,  perhaps not regrets, but we just couldn’t stop wishing we had acted differently.

Needless to say that we become equipped with lessons from our inactions. We gain experiences which are bittersweet! And in our present circumstances, we know better to be more disciplined and to walk more briskly to tackle situations promptly.

I watched the time change. The change of baton from summertime to wintertime. And now, let darkness come. And let the wind come and let the cold season begin. I know I am fortified. I know I am prepared to enjoy this wintry season with my special items of clothing. Yes, my jackets, scarfs and boots are smiling at me, saying welcome to our word, and beckoning me to come take a ride with them.

So, if the time also changed at your part of the globe, from where did you watch it… Or were you fast asleep? Did you watch it from the window, front porch or front line? From where did you watch the time change?

And officially it may be winter time but the echoes of autumn are still singing in colourful tunes.



Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.



4 thoughts on “And The Time Changed…!

  1. Are you kidding me!! How can you dub yourself “simple” when this magnificent piece is so profound! I’m reading it again and feeling fortified and ready for winter my dear lady! ❤️


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