Be Careful With Your Words…!

Have you ever considered the words spoken to you at some point in your life? I mean those words that cut deep and pierce your heart. Those harsh words that ring a bell in your head when you remember them.

Words are powerful. Be it negative or positive words.

The words we utter and the words we speak are powerful and we should guide our tongues before making any utterances.

Most people react to words. Most people are sensitive to words spoken to them and how they are said. Guide against speaking nasty and sarcastic words to people because even when you later apologise, the deed is already done and such horrible expressions cannot be taken back. It will be stuck in the head of that person.  At least that is my experience with such spiteful or hateful languages.

During moments of reflections, I’ve pondered over some ugly words targeted at me by others. And some even induce tears to my eyes. It shows how important words are to people. It shows how our words affect the human psyche.

I remembered when I was planning to study in Europe and I sought the help of friends. A very dear friend at that time told me that I should not think of studying abroad when I cannot afford the huge financial involvement. I asked her to borrow me some money which I will refund in a short time, as soon as I secure a student job but her response startled me and I still remember those words till date.

She said to me – “Do you know what £1,000 (BP) is? Do you know the equivalent of that money in Naira (Nigerian currency)? Do you know it’s a big amount? Even though I can afford it, Stella, I cannot give this huge sum to you because it’s such a big money to give towards a vague dream. Don’t be too ambitious. You should study in Nigeria and stop measuring shoulders with the affluent.”

That was it. That was too much to tell a friend who only wanted support and encouragement.  I walked out of her office downcast. That encounter with her revealed her inner convictions about me and my goals. I left her office and continued with my applications to tertiary institutions abroad. Not long after, I was offered a scholarship in Denmark.

The rest is history as the saying goes. That amount she called hugely was my monthly stipend (scholarship fund) as a Master’s student in Denmark. Can you imagine that?

Even though it’s a decade now, her words are stuck in my head. And I use that experience to guide my relationships towards other people.

Has anyone said something that made you feel bad?

Has anyone spoken nasty words to you that makes you cry sometimes?

Have you been rudely spoken to that you feel inadequate?  What was it?

Would you like to talk about it?

Kindly share your experience so we can learn. 🙂


Thank you.



Peace and Love!

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9 thoughts on “Be Careful With Your Words…!

  1. It’s not easy to relate with humans. People tend to say anything without thinking about how the other person would feel. Someway somehow, such people exist in order to push us to achieve greater heights. We only need to be strong and keep pushing without concentrating on discouraging words from people. Life must move on. Thanks for sharing your success story with us.

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    1. My pleasure. You are right. Such people push us to strive harder for success. For me, that was a humbling experience. God showed up and silenced every doubting voice and I didn’t have to solicit for any help again. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


  2. Yes, people have spoke unkindly to me all my life….recently I left a church because the ministry and staff were unkind to me. They told me I was ugly and old and accused me of having aides and to stay away from “their men” because they didn’t want me giving them aides. It was such a horrible experience. I just wanted fellowship, friends, someone to pray with, people to live life with. Every time I pass them by I am so hurt, where do I cause my anger to go? And I was almost engaged to a man there but they have convinced him (for now) that I am unworthy of his love and telling him all kinds of nonsense and he won’t come talk to me about it. I even want to leave this town because of these people, repulsed over songs they played there.

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    1. Ouch… This is hurting. It’s saddening to hear this. Sometimes, those close to us, those we think are family hurt us the most. Take heart and stay positive. Time numbs the pain even though we don’t forget. God bless you. 😍🌷


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