A Recap Of My Summer Vacation!

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. – Aldous Huxley

Any frantic feelings I have about travelling vanishes the moment I arrive at my destination. The whole anxiety and weariness slip away as I step my feet on the new city. – Simple Dimple

The above quotes are the summation of my feelings regarding travelling.

In the past few days, a thousand ideas have invaded my space, spinning through my head and I have no idea how to start writing about my travel experiences during this last vacation. I’ve been battling with jet lag, time lag, brain lag, haha. Gosh. Being lagged in time dealt me the first blow. As it’s always the case whenever I arrive in the US, I hardly know my left from my right. I mean, I’m always completely unaware of anything until I settle in and have my brain reset to the new time zone. And just when my body is adapting to the time difference, pronto, the holiday is over and I’d be airborne on my return journey.  It’s been a battle since I returned too as another brain reset is needed to work with the European time zone. Haha.

So today, I decided to start from anywhere and bring you a recap of my summer outings in the United States. I’ve got tales from Texas, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, and more tales from previous visits too. Hmmn, I have a penchant for travelling but hasn’t mastered the art of telling my travel stories.  Being a wanderlust, I have visited over 20 countries (still more to visit) and several cities & towns; but the cities of Paris and Washington DC are top notches and they would top almost any “Best of” in my long list. Well, London too holds a special place in my heart and I never get tired of her bustling posture.

This summer, I travelled to the United States for the second time in a space of one year. Oh yes, I had spent the autumn and early winter in the States last year where I attended my cousin’s wedding in Louisiana. Beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple too. And I loved the autumn colours splashed in the environment, a reason I love the fall season. I returned in mid-December, a few days to Christmas, to the traditional Christmas celebration with my Scandinavian family and friends. Talk about the Danish traditional Christmas foodies and you wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else. Seriously!

As we all know, the USA is a nation of wonderful advancement. It is a nation of grandeur diversity, energetic with magnificent sceneries and picturesque landscapes. A country bestowed with a thriving economy, an interesting culture and a remarkable history embedded with heroic personal stories.

And the summertime is a very appropriate season to travel if you want to enjoy the outdoors. The weather this summer is surprisingly very warm. Since the month of May, we’ve had it so summery. And I am grateful that I got to see some decent weather this summer, unlike previous years. I can attest that most people wore more tank tops and shorts this summer than they’ve done all their lives. But, Texas was rather too hot and I found myself complaining about the heat-wave.

It is amazing to see the surroundings looking all green. Perhaps, people are becoming aware of climate change and helping to plant more trees in the world. Indeed, talking about trees and I was pleasantly awestruck by the beautiful trees and vegetations I came across in the US. The trees were so vividly lined up that you can’t miss to figure them out from afar. Some are gigantic but well trimmed. Some are coniferous trees while others looked posh and stood in varied shapes. And there are those with the reddish flowers that engaged my sight so much.  The whole environment boasted of lush green sceneries. The entire cityscapes were soothing to my eyes as the colour green radiated with poise and a sense of calm. The summer landscape provides a stark contrast to the barren lawns during the winter season. And how I cherish these vivid memories of our natural environments.

Believe me, trees fascinate me and while I’m not making comparisons here, I love the trees and the lush greenery in Denmark but the ones in the United States took my breath away. They looked awesomely different and stunningly idyllic. The beautiful vegetations were luxuriant and so tamed; they stood outside looking regal without a care of the worries of life. Sometimes, the canopy of trees I come across looks like a tropical rainforest filled with ample life.

So, I spent the past three weeks travelling in the US. At last, I got to visit New York which has always been on my bucket list for places to ‘must see’ in the United States. My previous trips have seen me traversing other states but not New York City. And wow, the first welcome I got after my arrival at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK airport) was a reminiscence of life in Lagos, Nigeria, my homeland. I was driven straight to a ‘joint’ (eatery) by my friend and behold, it was a suya joint. Nigerian suya on point in New York. Wow! Such bliss to feel home again. Haha.

Suya in America? Oh yes, it was nicely packaged in a white takeaway pack. As we arrived home that night, we descended on this suya with a bottle of sweet red wine. Aha, it’s been years I ate suya. I chewed with great relish and struggled to eat it all due to the strong chilli. I abhor excess pepper these days. So I held my tongue in my hands as I demolished the delicious spicey meat gulping between the red wine and cold water.

I will be sharing more photos of my summer trip and adventure in the coming days. Stay tuned.

For now, my brain has returned and reset to default. I can see clearly now and I know that this summer is fast rushing to a close. The sun is playing hide and seek again, and the crispy weather is staging a come-back. Gosh, I don’t want to think about the changes we’d experience in a few weeks. But come to think of it, I love the fall season too.

So, let me just keep quiet and enjoy the moments of life as they mount the scene. One of the travails of travelling is unpacking. I’m dealing with that right now, putting things back and in their right places. More travel gist coming shortly on this page. Don’t change the dial.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine.

Travel before you run out of time. – Anonymous

End of my musings!




Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2018 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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