Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday!


Recently, the Pastor of our church celebrated his birthday. And a friend’s son was baptized as well as dedicated to the Lord.  All these took place on the same Sunday. The birthday and the baptism/dedication.

Soon after the church service ended, all members and invited guests moved over to the church hall where the birthday celebration and the dedication parties were held simultaneously.  There was an array of assorted foods, drinks, and beverages.


*Birthday Cake*

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Happy Birthday!



I know it’s someone’s birthday this month of August.

I know it’s someone’s birthday out there.

Are you the one?

Okay. I may not know your date.

Therefore, I am using this opportunity to wish my dear readers, our August born, a fabulously fun-filled birthday.

Make sure you stay grateful.

Make sure you all shake your body, even burst some bubbles, blow a candle or two and simply just enjoy your special day.


Life is worth celebrating.


Here’s wishing you all more blessings as you mark this new age.


Happy Happy Birthday from me to you.

Peace and Love!

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The Daily Prompt – Crumb!

Stop watering at the mouth. Stop drooling. Stop salivating. Join the table. Seize a knife, gently cut through the crunchy bread I’ve set before us this afternoon. There are some bread-meat on the table, cheese, liver paste (Leverpøstej), tuna salad and much more. Eat and be merry. Life is already hard so don’t make it harder by starving yourself of food.

The job can wait a bit. Stop work now. It’s food time.  Haha.


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