Leaving Your Comfort Zone…!


To leave our comfort zones appears to be a constant thing we are told when things are not working out for us. Why not step out of your familiar terrain? Why not launch yourself out et al. We hear this all the time, and we just nod our heads and say, oh yes, very well indeed. Without an iota of what this portrays or means. I will not elaborate on this scientifically but would tackle it from a lay man’s perspective.

Getting out of existing routines is a big problem because as humans, we are creatures of habit. We follow existing norms and rules, eat the same food, drink the same coffee because we are used to those things. Well, the world is changing fast and clinging to the good old ways, might not be so favourable anymore. Continue reading “Leaving Your Comfort Zone…!”

Shed the old ways!


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This piece is as a result of the phone conversation I had with a childhood friend yesterday.  Our discussion sealed my resolve to write today’s post. I had planned posting something else but have to put it away, at least for now.

Some people are afraid to change the status quo of their lives. They are so used to doing things in a particular way that any attempt to embrace change is frowned at and rejected. There are those who believe that they can never leave family or loved ones to migrate to other places. While some others believe they can never marry from a tribe outside of theirs. Another class of people believe that they can never try new recipes or new culinary tips because they are glued to the ways of old, the traditional belief of their great grandparents, or maybe their ancestors. Haha!

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