Shed the old ways!


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This piece is as a result of the phone conversation I had with a childhood friend yesterday.  Our discussion sealed my resolve to write today’s post. I had planned posting something else but have to put it away, at least for now.

Some people are afraid to change the status quo of their lives. They are so used to doing things in a particular way that any attempt to embrace change is frowned at and rejected. There are those who believe that they can never leave family or loved ones to migrate to other places. While some others believe they can never marry from a tribe outside of theirs. Another class of people believe that they can never try new recipes or new culinary tips because they are glued to the ways of old, the traditional belief of their great grandparents, or maybe their ancestors. Haha!

Life is not as smooth as the surface of a burnished mirror, hence there are times you do not get what you want because of some obstacles beyond your control. These obstacles can be anything but their only aim is to deprive you of something you desire.

Now, the task is how you recognize these obstacles. Can you identify one when you see one? Maybe you are even the one limiting yourself from progress. Maybe you are your own limitation. Just maybe you are the reason your life has become so boring, yet, you lament and cry but never for once, stop to reflect that you might just be your own problem.

I decided to take up the task to tell you what some of these obstacles might be, and how they operate invisibly until they have almost strangled your life. You may be tempted to ask why these obstacles rear their heads into your affairs even when you are equipped with all the gadgets to excel in life.

The answer simply is that you may have all what it takes to achieve your goals but do not do all that is required, and that is the major loophole for these unseen weapons that act against you when you least expect.

Follow me gradually through this ride and I will tell you what you do wrongly or how to get it right with yourself.  Be reassured that my message bring joy, peace and gladness if acted upon on time.

Everyone has his or her unique way of life, which makes him or her different. In spite of this difference, everyone hankers for one thing – his or her daily bread. You cannot live if you do not eat, cannot eat if you do not have food, and cannot have food if you do not work for it. In that case, you must work to live. The journey in life is a chain designed with your task and desires, the task to search for food. You cannot achieve this task if you do not have a weapon or know why you are unique.

For instance, a lion may not have the ability to cook its own meal but has the unique weapon to prey and feed on other animals. I think the lion cannot survive in the forest without this weapon. Take the world as the forest and tell me how you can survive without a weapon or without knowing how to use the one you have.

Is the world not as deadly as the forest?  So why do you think you can succeed without the right tool designed for success in the world? Tell me, do you know what this tool is?  Perhaps, you are that tool itself.  Yes, you and your perceptions and ideologies!

Believe it or leave it, man has changed the world we live in from its crude form to the very way man desires. This change comes with new rules. In other words, you cannot live in this new world if you are still crude, thinking the way you used to years ago, and doing things that do not comply or conform with the new rules.

Has it not occurred to you that things do not just happen but you have to make them happen?

Have you made up your mind to know the price and to pay what is required for the future you desire? Your situation will remain the same if you are not ready to do the necessary things for a change. And as the above quote tells us, change ushers in progress.  The time to leave your comfort zone is now. Dare to change your ideologies. Dare to try something different and new.

Peace and Love!

14 thoughts on “Shed the old ways!

    1. Very true! Sometimes its glaring that the only thing we need to do is to change our ways and beliefs. Embrace an entirely new ideology to push forward in life! Thanks Nicia for your views here. Do have a wonderful day! 🙂

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      1. That’s the most difficult thing in the whole world, but totally worth it. I try to be as uncomfortable as possible, or else I won’t feel…well, comfortable. 😀

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  1. I like this post for a couple reasons. One is that it is the truth. Many stay in one place because they will not move forward to change things. Courage is moving forward in spite of fear. Two, I had the experience of speaking with an old friend as well and the need to hear something difficult was challenging for them. It is painful for some to hear what needs to be heard in order to move forward. The need for food (not just the edible entrees) is a requirement for growth, development and continued productive living. Thanks!

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    1. Absolutely! First, I want to say thank you for reading and commenting. Second, you said it all. Many people are afraid to take a plunge in life. They detest any form of change and would rather stay glued to the old norms. They enjoy being wrapped up in the confines of their comfort zones. Sadly, like my friend, some are not willing to migrate elsewhere to find the true meaning of their lives. It beats me hollow to think that people are not ready to move with the times. And I just wonder. Thanks a ton, Sandra. I really appreciate. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Relish for reading. Change is a difficult thing to embrace because some changes are loaded with challenges. One can lose focus without discipline, patience and positive attitude to deal with it. Hope you’d visit again. Cheers! 🙂

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    Have a wonderful day 🙂


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