A Weekend Rant…!

The weekend is here again. And life goes on so rapidly.
It’s a new day and then a new day becomes an old day and then move on to the next day. And the next day moves quickly and the months roll by and then before you scream and yell, 365 days have elapsed and the whole circle continues until the grim reaper appears at the door.
If you are lucky you keep moving on as the pages of life turn every day.

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Solitude – Daily Prompt!

Solitude is a time when I engage with my own aloneness. I don’t mean hiding in a cave in the hinterland, no, it simply means a moment when I make conscious careful self-reflections.

I exhale and inhale new springboards to tackle my life and put it back in the right perspective. Those alone moments helps me re-define my purpose and give me a clearer insight of who I am and what I want out of life..   Continue reading “Solitude – Daily Prompt!”