March on to New Heights…

Backward never, Forward ever! This is a cliché but so true. You can never take back the hands of time. Time is progressive. Time is always on the move. 

It’s a new month. And the year is moving forward bringing us new changes.

What happened to February, 2016?  Well, we said goodbye yesterday! It’s gone to the archives and belong to history now. So whatever you couldn’t achieve yesterday should not cause you so much pain. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Simply hold on to the new promises of today. 


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12733971_1536654073299658_1022712561153285729_n (1) (2).jpg
*I read it to recharge my faith, rebuild my hope and believe more that better days are ahead*

Life has brought change our way again, so you see, no condition is permanent. There is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. There is always a new hope.

I bring you good news today. Wait a minute! Please be silent! Can you hear the new sound? Listen carefully! Wow! The birds are beginning to sing again. And the Bees are buzzing their ways back.

A new season is springing up to caress us with its warm breeze.

Spring gives hope

Spring rejuvenates life

Spring renews and rebuild

Spring comes after winter

Spring brings light

Spring is a new season

Spring will make life blossom again!

It’s time to rebuild our dreams and infuse new energy into them. It’s time to take our stories to the next level. Time to take up our narratives and give them a new meaning.

I pray that your life will spring up new pleasant surprises in the right places.

Give hope a chance again, as you march on to new possibilities.

Welcome to the wonderful month of March!

Peace and Love!

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