The Daily Prompt – Funnel.

I remember when I was little. When we cooked our meals with a kerosene stove. I was never the patient one because I was always in a hurry to finish any house chores quickly and rush outside to play with other kids. I could forgo food once I was consumed with play.

The result of my impatience always gives me a scolding from Mama. I made the same mistake whenever I had to pour kerosene into the stove.

Mama’s voice will always pierce through the kitchen walls as she calls out to me to be careful as I pour the kerosene. Her voice travels with speed from the parlour where she usually sits to sew into my ear-lobes.

“Make sure you pour the kerosene into the stove with the funnel.

“Yes Ma”, I replied

Did you hear me?

“I said make sure you use the funnel so the kerosene doesn’t spill on the floor like the last time”

“Yes Ma, I heard you.”

But my stubbornness at that time will not allow me to do the right thing. Instead of pouring the kerosene carefully, I end up spilling the liquid.

Sitting down now, as I type this post, I recall my childhood experiences with nostalgia.

Submitted to the Daily Prompt Funnel.

Peace and Love!

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18 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Funnel.

      1. Spanking as a corrective measure is on the decrease. Most parents have understood that being hard on the child isn’t the best policy to adopt. Rather subtle persuasion and talks does the magic on the child’s psyche.

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