Change Begins With YOU!

We can only hope that this generation can break the cycles of old patterns and structures. The old stratum of ancient norms and traditions. A culture that inhibits a people and stagnates a society.

We can only hope that our generation of women can see that they deserve better in their relationships and other social strata.

And we can only hope that our generation of men can become better spouses and partners in their homes and in their relationships.

We can only hope that sooner than later, this generation will enjoy profound peace more than ever before.

But for this hope to become realistic, we all must offer the olive branch to let peace into the universe. We all must be a part of the revolution that will usher this change and enthrone this desired lifestyle.

We live in a self-destructive world. We perpetrate the evil we experience in our society. We are all part of the rot that has eaten deep into the system. You need to know this, one way or the other, we all contribute to the decadence that festers in our environments.

Are you puzzled? 

Are you asking why, how? Are you?

All of us, you and I, have a tiny share of the decay that is widespread in this universe. Yet, we complain every day and clamour for change. Yet, we point accusing fingers at the man next door, at the government. We point fingers at the religious clerics who intimidate us with their wealth, a lifestyle we inadvertently help them acquire through our gifts, tithes and offerings.

We cry at the menace in our societies when we are too selfish and not willing to spare a dime to a hungry fellow, a poor widow, a hungry kid. Our poor neighbours. We shake our heads and curse the government for everything bad. When we cannot take care of another man’s child in our custody.

You slap your domestic help (houseboy/girl) and deprive them of food, yet, you raise alarm when they steal your money, gold and pieces of jewellery. You cry and subject them to unimaginable pains and call them unprintable names when they return the measure of the wickedness you unleash on them.

How can there be change when you are a tiger in sheep’s skin, both at home and even at your workplace. When all you do is to scam and defraud others. When all you know is how to perpetrate one form of evil or another just so you can hurt others.

How can we have a good and noble society when you are a bad example to your children and family? When all you do is scream and shout and beat the hell out of everyone in sight, including your spouse. How can there be change when verbal and physical abuse is your means of exercising your leadership position?

How can the nation advance forward under the crushing weight of bigotry? How can there be change when your narcissistic and misogynistic tendencies pervade the whole place? When violence, erratic perversions and misguided conducts are your Achilles heels and a normal sequence to you.

How can there be change when we are not willing to change our moral conducts? How can there be change if we are still entertaining our warped senses and archaic ways of thinking? Tell me, how can true change be established with all these malfunctions, delinquencies, dereliction of duties and vices in our polity?

How can there be change? Search yourself! There can only be change when we are willing to set good examples. When there is a reset of our default mind-set.

Like I stated earlier, to effect a holistic change, old patterns and lifestyle must be jettisoned. Our reasoning and senses must be refined and modified. We must redefine our priorities and get our facts right.

True change starts from us and within us. True change should begin from our immediate surroundings. Let that change begin from our homes. Only when we have restructured our thoughts can we then expect to see new social constructs in place.  Only when we have constructed new cultural and social practices in our society, can we begin to enjoy our environment. Only then can we begin to hope for a better standard of living and a better etiquette in the Nation.

There has to be a total cleansing of the whole old structure for things to work in Nigeria. Corrupt practices seem ingrained in most citizens so it’s not going to be an easy task.  It requires a holistic shakeup, a total rectification in all the sectors. The old beliefs must be discarded. Political convictions, religious dogmas, inordinate practices, must be reconditioned.

And to achieve a complete change, everyone must have a stake in it. Everyone must be that change that they clamour for. And it starts by developing the right attitude towards life, towards self and towards others.

Everyone must be sensitised.

Thus, change begins with the mind. It starts from the homes.

With concerted efforts and positive synergies, Nigeria will wear a new look and perhaps, we can then say that we have a country.

PS: This article was posted on another platform to discuss the way forward for my country, Nigeria. 

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Change Begins With YOU!

  1. Michael Jackson said it better in one of his songs….the man in the mirror “. Change can bring hope but we have to be the agent of change we advocate.

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