The Daily Prompt – Taper!

My face was not anything extraordinary

Long-boned dotted with melancholy

Tapering to a pointed chin

It was drained of moisture and stared at him blankly

My eyes were sorrowful, dim and dark

My emotions were in utter quagmire

My hair messy and tired

My whole body was thinning down

Exhausted from the trauma

Yet he was magically drawn to me

As he fixed his gazed on my bland face

Awe-struck with my silent features

Our minds collided in a chit-chat

Months later he confessed

That he was sapiosexual



In response to The Daily Prompt – Taper

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


10 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Taper!

  1. I think that being sapiosexual is a good quality, as when you are done doing the deed there will always be some special pillow talk to look forward to.

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  2. Pillow talk should be the norm, but some people just want to collapse after having sex and withdraw to their own private space. A lot of men feel less affectionate during the aftermath, but an intelligent man will always have something to say.

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    1. I would say here that the test of intelligence is visible in a normal chit-chat as one draws from the conversational lines of the other person. Which I’ve tried to portray with the post. It doesn’t have to bear on discussions after intimacy ‘cos that is an entirely different world. My personal view though. 🙂


    1. …Glad you did. 🙂 We all learn new things / word every day if we pay attention to details. I’ve learned many new words on WP that has boosted my vocab. We evolve daily. 🙂


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