It Takes You…

One harsh reality of life that my experience has taught me in this journey is that you are responsible for your life and what happens to you. You are responsible for your destiny and how it turns out. That is the truest truth. I discovered this truth a bit late and I will not fail to shout it out loud so that people will stop looking up to others to help them decide their fate in life. You owe yourself that job. So get to work and work yourself to the top.

Because it takes you to succeed.

It takes you to have a good life. It takes you to wake up in the morning and take charge of your life. It takes you to understand where you are coming from and where you are going to. It takes you to take the steps towards realizing your goals in life. It takes you to bring your goals and dreams to reality. It takes you to make them happen. Oh yes. It takes you to walk the talk and take action. It takes you to get out of your comfort zone and spread your tentacles.

It takes you to find what makes you happy and stick to them. It takes you to find love. Yes, it takes you to open your arms to embrace love when it stares you in the face. It takes you to make wise decisions as they affect your life. It takes you to call a spade a spade. It takes you to forgive any wrong others have done to you. It takes you to laugh and smile. It takes you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It takes you to discover your talents and gifts and pursue them vigorously.

It takes you to know your weaknesses, your mistakes, your past failures and find a way to remedy the unpleasant situations around your life.

It takes you to speak out and let people know when you need their help.

It takes you to show gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped you.

It takes you to grow personally and professionally.

It takes you to choose right instead of wrong.

It takes you to love your family and care for them.

It takes you to stand by your principles and standards you’ve set for yourself.

It takes you to be disciplined… And the list is endless.

It takes you to Own your life.

Own your life. ‘Cos no one else will own it for you.

Because you are you. 

And it takes you to be YOU.



Submitted for Forgiving Fridays.  Forgiving Fridays.

This challenge is hosted by the amiable and lovely Debbie, the blogger behind Forgiving Connects.

Check out Debbie’s great blog.


Peace and Love!

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10 thoughts on “It Takes You…

  1. Yay, Stella!! This is an awesome contribution for Forgiving Fridays. I so hear you – and it sounds like you’re really speaking from your own experience (which I find is one of the greatest ways to learn & grow). That is powerful.

    This line really struck me:
    “Yes, it takes you to open your arms to embrace love when it stares you in the face.”

    I’m opening my arms to embrace love, Stella!!!! This Forgiving Fridays and every day, best I can.

    Rumi has a quote you may appreciate, “Open your arms if you want to be held.”

    And he has another quote that relates to your blog – about how beyond the fields of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field, and he’ll meet us there. 🙂 ❤

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again! Love that you contribute to Forgiving Fridays and that we walk this path of peace together. Many blessings, Stella. Debbie


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