The Daily Prompt – Infuse 2

The devil has ascended the throne of human affairs

Decadence has pervaded the world

Deceits, Bigotry, and Misogyny

Avarice, Narcissism and Malice

Erratic pervasions and misguided conducts

Who raped our world of worthiness and candour?

Talk is cheap and pours out in torrents

The current wave of the lousy sycophants

The lies of the mendicant clerics

And the notorious politicians

Who bedazzles the public with their amorous chants?

I stand petrified in utmost perplexity

As I watch humanity

Stealthily groping with faltered steps

The world is wrapped in beautiful apparels

But beneath the embellished exterior

Fake dwell in opulence with pretence

The new-fangled façade of the modern world

My strength lies in the hope that tomorrow surfaces quickly

To redress the cankerworm infused into the blood of men


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – infuse.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.


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