Love Notes – #3


You know I find it easier to write than to talk. So, I am writing you this note and hope you will find this tucked away inside your pocket. Haha! The mischievous me is at work today… 

I needed to express these emotions whirling in my soul to you my darling. Just as I began to clean up the dishes last night, memories of you and I began to flood into my head. And I remembered our University days and how we used to tickle each other. How we used to hold hands and take our evening walk together at the University Park.

Oh, those sweet memories! Though, I didn’t even realise it at that time that you were the Angel God has sent to my life. Yet, I was still praying to find him.

Now I know better. You always made me laugh. You always wanted to share everything with me. You radiate love in your heart and it spills out into the lives of other people around you. You are a beautiful soul and I just wanted to let you know that today, even though I have said it a million times.

I hope the office is cool and that you are enjoying your work-time. We need the work, alright. Because we need to earn a livelihood and enjoy the good things of life that money can buy, haha! That reminds me, what do you think of a getaway in the next couple of days, to somewhere cosy – just the two of us? Think about it, Sweetie.

I look forward to your return from work.

Love always,


Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

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