The Daily Prompt – Notorious!

The buzz on Toxic Relationships cannot be exhausted because it is such a broad content. Toxicity comes in different forms. Violence in a relationship takes different shapes. There is need to look into our relationships with other people. My relationship, your relationship, our relationship with others, combine to impact in us and the society at large. And these have both positive and negative effects.

For instance, verbal abuse in a relationship, amongst couples, partners, siblings, colleagues et al is toxic. Anyone who experiences such verbal violence in a relationship will suffer emotional trauma and this affects the physical and mental well-being of that individual.

Many people are guilty of this obnoxious evil demeanour.  And many people are victims too. And they don’t seem to realise this. How we react to others. How we talk to them can become toxic and offensive.  Hence the reason to check ourselves again to ensure we are not the ones doing the wrong things, yet, crying foul. There is need to look inwards, examine ourselves with a little introspection into our mental and emotional processes. There is need to curb this denigrating actions towards others. The need to be tolerant of others if truly we want a saner society.

There are people whose stock in trade is to bully people. They are notorious for their offensive languages and use of bitter words towards other people. Many people exhibit venomous tendencies in their dealings with other people not just in their homes but even outside their homes.

Shouldn’t we be more civil in our approaches and affect positively rather than negatively?

To disparage, to belittle, to slander, to abuse, to malign, to spite others are not acceptable acts. They are toxic and a menace to a better society.

Regardless, Relationships are never without frictions. There is bound to be disagreements, quarrels and moments of extreme anger when we live or interact with others. However, the ability to manage these frictions and tensions as they arise go a long way. One should try to control and develop anger management to forestall throwing caution to the wind during tension. Perhaps, I am not being realistic that such menace can ever be curbed at all.

Our goal should be to build healthy and lasting relationships and friendships. Not to berate, destroy, malign or even kill others in extreme situations.  Often times, these frictions are trials in disguise to test one’s ability to co-exist or live with other people, despite our differing ideologies and beliefs.

Nothing good comes easy sometimes. And building healthy relationships is one of those. Let’s try to help build a saner society by embracing love instead of hate as we associate with our fellow humans.


Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Notorious.

Peace and Love!

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5 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – Notorious!

  1. have you noticed how this bitter need to wound has grown exponentially in this digital age? And then wondered whether we harbour a natural desire to wound each other or is that facilitated by removing the factor of human contact?

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