On This Platform…

On this platform

I have read 

The truest and most beautiful essays

The exotic and most weaved and crafted poetry

Master Story Tellers

And I know that

Every perfectly crafted sentence is a gift

And that some people are very well endowed

With the power of imaginations, creativity and deep thinking


On this platform

I have seen

The finest photographs and hues

And I know that

There are intrinsically astute photographers

Whose every click is divine and spiritual

Whose photography leave me awestruck

With their gifted power of narratives and descriptions


On this platform

I have learned

The great need to leave comments on a post

To give my feedback and remarks

And I know that

Constructive and healthy feedbacks

Are better than harsh words

And except a poster demands it

Only then should a critique of their works become essential


On this platform

I have learned

That we are all from different pedigrees

Varied social, economic and religious backgrounds

Yet, come together in this community

To contribute with our passions and skills

To help build a saner world


On this platform

I have realised

That some people are highly intelligent

Educationally, Emotionally, Socially

Yet, they exude humility and kindness

That tells me that some people are just naturally kind hearted

They follow you because there is an innate likeness

Some follow you for the sake of your body of work

And some sincerely admire your positive attributes


And on this platform

I have also known

That some people will never appreciate you

They will never like what you do or say

They will never follow you because of their dislike

They will never be a part of your musings and rants

Because they don’t believe in your philosophy

And will never know who you truly are


And I conclude thus:

Every individual life is dynamic

Every individual has a different story to tell

Every individual has their ethos, pathos and logos 

Everyone is distinct and unique

Some are witty and fun to interact with

People embrace different lifestyles

People are defined by their environments

And opinions and attitudes are based on these factors

So, on a platform such as this

People write in different rhythms

While trying to send the same messages to the world

Therefore, it is important

To have respect for one another

And let peace and Love

Be the guiding mantra


My detonations today

Submitted for the Daily Prompt – Detonate

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2017 by Simpledimple.  All Rights Reserved.

13 thoughts on “On This Platform…

  1. As I went on reading I forgot that I was reading.
    I felt a Simple Lady standing on a platform and is talking to Me.
    Beautiful presentation of a platform that is so true and awesome.
    But I am confused what and how the lady thinks of me and my blogs as she has not expressed it since long. Hahaha.😂

    Liked by 1 person

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